Answers to FAQs About Culpepper's After Builders Cleaning Services in Manchester

Q. I’m nervous about security… how do I know your cleaners are trustworthy?

A. All of our staff are reference-checked, ID verified, and subject to CRB vetting before starting work. They’re also instructed in their duties and responsibilities as key holders. You’re not obliged to give us keys if you’ll be home to open the door when your session starts. You’ll always recognise our staff members – they wear uniform and carry ID at all times. Just the same, if ever you feel you have cause for concern, please ring us.

Q. What’s included in my quote?

A. Your quote includes all time and labour. It also includes cleaning equipment or materials if these are included as a standard part of the service, or if you’ve asked us to provide them. There is an extra charge for optional cleaning products, but this will be factored into your quote and the difference clearly stated.

Q. Is there anything that’s not included?

A. The only thing not included in our quotes is parking fees as they vary from area to area. If we need to pay to park to deliver your service you will be asked to cover the parking at cost.

Q. When and how do I pay for my service?

A. You pay when the service is complete, and we accept cash or card.

Q. What’s the difference between deep cleaning and spring cleaning?

A. Some people use the terms interchangeably, along with a third description – ‘one-off cleaning’ – so we can understand your confusion. Both spring cleaning and deep cleaning are provided as one-time services, and paid for by the hour. As a general rule, spring cleaning implies a general cleaning over wide areas of your home, while deep cleaning tends to focus on fewer areas but offer a more intensive clean. However, our cleaners are very flexible so there can be some overlap between these services.

Q. How many cleaners should I book for spring cleaning?

A. To some extent it’s up to you, but we don’t expect a single cleaner to move heavy items, so if you’d like us to clean behind your fridge or oven you’ll need two cleaners. Also, when you’d like us to supply cleaning equipment for one-off sessions we need to send two cleaners. The equipment is too heavy for a single person, and in line with our environmental responsiblity policy, single cleaners travel by public transport wherever possible.

Q. What’s the minimum contract term for regular cleaning?

A. There isn’t one! Once you’ve booked regular cleaning it will continue for as long as you like, but you can cancel at any time you choose.

Q. What do I do if I’m not happy with work that’s been done?

A. We’re sorry if this has happened to you. It’s very rare, but we realise that may not be much comfort at the moment. If possible, raise it with your cleaners and see if they can put things right there and then. If this isn’t possible, or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, please contact us by any of our usual contract routes as soon as you can. Tell us what’s happened. You will be listened to, and we’ll do everything possible to correct things.

Q. What about if the work was even better than expected, do you have a tipping policy?

A. We’re delighted to hear it. Do please contact us so we can pass your kind words back to the staff member! As to tips, that’s entirely between you and the cleaner concerned. It’s not expected, but you’re welcome to tip any staff member who you think has gone the extra mile.

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